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Originally Posted by Archenoth View Post
Hm... I see. I suppose I don't really mind as much because I usually turn signatures off. And thinking 4 word answers were 100% ok, while 3 word answers are totally wrong and militantly dealt with seemed a little silly.

Ah well... It's my problem if I find it silly. I will abide by them as best I can either way.
By the same token, saying that 3 words is where the line is drawn (because you have to draw that line somewhere unless you want to have contradictions or greater inconsistencies in how the rules are upheld) is 'militantly dealt with' seems a bit silly to me as nobody gets, as you suggested in your previous post, permabanned for that. Usually it's a warning for a first offence (and some mods just give a verbal warning rather than an actual one too), or an infraction if it's not the first time.

Bypassing the character/word limit is worth a total of two infraction points, and you need nine to actually get (temp) banned - so you need to break that rule say six times in a short time span to get banned just from doing that. Or say breaking other rules in combination, but at any rate, two infraction points at worst for doing that is far from us dealing with it 'militantly'. If a person hits a infraction point limit from doing that they probably should have paid attention to the rules after the first so-and-so infractions and warnings, or just didn't care about it in the first place.
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