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    Originally Posted by Treviso View Post
    Something more: I can't even get the letter from the Girl is all I get

    Furthermore, right after the final fight at Silph your Brother is again walking towards Lance and the Police Chief (He is called Cheif in the Hack), instead of already standing there.
    Yeah for some reason she doesn't work for a lot of people, but fine for me so I don't know what's wrong with her :/
    And yeah, It kept moving the brother there and I couldn't get it to keep him in that spot after the battle so I was just like whatever, I'll just make him walk back.

    Originally Posted by D1794 View Post
    I've just beat the elite four, and after the credits it just takes me back to prof oak and basically starts again. I saved on the VBA just after i beat the champion so it goes back to there every time I load the game back up. How do I continue on my save file after the credits?
    Can you save your game normally in the game itself?
    You may need to change it to 128 bit or something, but I'm not sure if that's to save in the game or with the emulator.
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