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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    Thanks for making me feel awful about my lack of skills by the way... I am trying.

    Nevertheless, I was missing the battle box graphics so that's all fixed now, you changed the file names to "battle****box", which I noticed, so I just renamed mine, I'm trying to follow the WIKI on what changes you are making, but I can't keep up with them all and little ones like that aren't on there!

    The errors that a save file can bring with it... I started a New Game, and now the error has gone *SIGH*, everything is perfect now... So it was nothing to do with my scripts, it was everything to do with my stubborness, I really didn't wanna start a New Game, silly me.

    What do you mean by this?
    I'm sorry if I made you feel bad. However, this thread is for reporting bugs in the latest version of Essentials that are there by default, not for problem caused by your own script changes - the latter should go in their own threads.

    Obviously not every single little change is listed in the changelog; it'd be ridiculous to expect me to do that, as it would take up so much more of my time. Renaming a file to have a better name is hardly worthy of mention, in my opinion, and I would likely miss noting some of the renames even if I was trying to record them all. That kind of information would only be useful to the vast minority who are trying to update their own games, rather than copying across changes to a fresh version as recommended.

    I meant that it was a big deal that I'd gotten the Animation Editor to work (I've since managed to get it to work even better). It was one of those big and ancient problems, which people seem to have given up complaining about and have now just forgotten all about it. Now that it works, it'll open the gates for new animations. It seemed like a big deal to me.

    Originally Posted by mackoo View Post
    Hi, I've found copy of my RMXP project based on Essentials (no the current version I think) in the depths on my hard drive. I can open project file and edit it, or start the game using Game.exe, but hen I try to run Test Game from the project, or to use Editor.exe, this is what I get:

    Does anyone know how to fix it?
    What the Zeus have you got in your types.txt PBS file?! Try deleting it and running the game again.
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