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    What are your opinions on subjects such as same-sex marriage, abortion, the death penalty, and so on? Why?

    Every individual has the right to pursue a relationship with whomever they so desire without the state interfering. If all parties involved wish to be wed, they may do so in either a civil manner or a religious manner, if they so choose to.

    A woman has the right have an abortion if she so chooses. It is her body and her choice to make. In addition, Doctors should not, unless requested, show items such as ultrasounds to the woman in question.

    Killing an individual fails to undo that which that have inflicted. In addition, individuals whom are in such positions typically suffer more if held in isolation. I feel the more important question would be 'is isolating a prisoner a morally sound practice?'. Personally, I beleive in rehabilitation, although for matters of public safety do fully understand that some individuals can not be helped.

    Why are your beliefs the way they are?

    (If the question was in regards to the topic of atheism) God is an unfalsifiable hypothesis, it's really that simple. I typically don't beleive things without proof, or that fail to adhere to the scientific method.

    (If the question related to the former on marriage, abortion, etc.) Every person of sound mind has the right to make these choices for themselves. They are the keeper of their temple, the lighthouse of their shore. For another to assert that they objectively "know better" is farcical, and is why we allow people to chose for themselves.

    Do you believe in any form of life after death?

    No. While it might seem like a nice idea, many afterlives present inherent flaws or issues which diminish their feasibility. For instance, if everyone were to be a reincarnated soul, we would not have seen a drastic population increase as we have. The belief of such, if not a cleverly crafted lie, is likely a defense mechanism which allows for people to let go of the fear of dying or the fear of death.

    Do you believe in aliens?

    I beleive them to be a much more likely scenario than a God figure, however, our understanding of life is limited to that which we have on this planet. I do beleive it is likely that aliens exist, but I also beleive it likely that we wouldn't even be able to identify them as such. While not a fan of the series, I can't help but think to the old Star Trek episode about the 'living rock' and that the possibility of seemingly inanimate objects being sentient.

    Does your family and friends know about your faith? If no, why not?

    Discussion of religion isn't really a common topic among my mother and I, nor my girlfriend and I. However, I used to talk about the topic adamantly when I was younger, often challenging people of faith to debate me. For better or worse, I rarely find the time to discuss theology these days.

    Do you think separation of church and state is different from freedom of religion?

    Separation of church and state is essential, preventing laws and bills motivated by scripture from passing and effecting millions. The grip of religion and its intolerance can still be felt, however, unless individuals are also given the freedom of, and the freedom from, religion.

    If God does exist, what do you think it would be like?

    Based upon religious texts; benevolent, spiteful, and a petty excuse for a deity.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind a God figure like the one shown in The Simpsons. He seems kinda cool.

    What are your family's general religious beliefs?

    Grandmother (mother's side) is Anglican, but largely for the social interaction. Mother was raised simmilarily but stopped attending as a teenager. She seemingly believes in the Jeudeo-Christian God, in Jesus, and in select other parts of the mythos as many "Christians" today do, but refers to herself as non-religious, both in-person and when asked for paperwork (such as StatsCan).

    Grandfather (father's side) was not a religious man. Haven't a clue what my father believes but I'm fairly certain he was not a man of religious conviction, as he never showed himself to be such.