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Whoa, tons of activity overnight. This will teach me not to sleep XD - welcome to alehizzle, Dragonzord and NeoPsychedelia!

Ugh I felt so bad for this poor girl that was in my sister's high school in 06. Even though she wasn't a Satanist (she was atheist iirc, maybe Wiccan though), everyone assumed that she was and therefore spread a rumor that she was going to bring a gun to school on 6/6/06 for obvious reasons. That day was absolutely terrible for her.
Holy crap, that is an inventive rumour. Do you know what actually happened to her that day? Did people actually check her for a gun or bully her or did they just avoid her like the plague?

(Neo and Dragon I'mma read your huge posts later, I'm on my way out of the house so I only had time for a quick reply right now XD)

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