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    This was the most difficult decision for Owner's Choice for sure, but I have finally made a decision. It took me a while thinking this through because we had a lot of wonderful entries and even a rare 3rd gen abuse! Many did wonderful descriptions and other cute things that made this very, very difficult. In the end, it came down to one little cute nickname that might have won me over...

    Midnight / Umbreon (f) lv. 2
    Synchronize | Careful
    Cedric | 26099
    31/31/31/20/31/31 | 100 HP/100 Sp. Def
    [ Tail Whip, Tackle, Payback, Wish ]
    -hatched in Black City-

    Congratulations to Sydian and her wonderful Umbreon, Midnight on winning the Owner's Choice for the Trusty Talisman Challenge! Once again, this was very very difficult... but Syd is always the best with nicknames, I think.

    And announcing the new challenge! TwilightBlade is picking this one...

    Challenge #12: Happy Birthday to TwilightBlade! RNG a Pokemon that she'll be sure to love and don't forget her crazy obsession with dive balls! EKEKE, dive ball it, as she says!