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    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    nice i have a feeling ima love this even more nice idea for a starting atk was wondering if you decided what the rivals poke will be yet?

    EDIT: every two seconds ok thats a decent enough time frame it will work for now but i still wanna test it to actually see xD! cant wait for this beta its gotta a heck of a lot better my favorite so far.
    Thanks um kinda but it will be a secret untill you play the game, ill say one thing, it will be a dark type.

    Originally Posted by bensgraphicdesign View Post
    Proud helper! Should I give a title like mine a go tonight?
    Sure are! :D
    Yeah man for sure!

    Originally Posted by SwiftSign View Post
    Why was Beldum inserted in to the ROM when it's already present later anyway? Part of changing your Pokédex I guess?

    Like the new tree tiles by the way, they must take up a lot of space mind XD
    Ah good question, in yape beldum only has one move slot and as I wanted to give him many moves and save myself sometime using sebbes pokedex editor I just inserted him over bulbasaur, it isnt really that hard all I have to do now is change the cry and you wouldnt even tell.

    And thanks yeah they do, would you believe they were very easy to insert if you look closely they are a very simple design but they look very realistic?

    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    it was so he'd have an easier time giving him new moves and a new movset
    Kinda true lol :D

    Bensgraphic design is the first member of Team Galaxy, he is the games spriter and banner artist, he is in the process of designing the games hero, so im looking forward to a new hero. Thanks Ben, and welcome to the team :D
    Pokémon Ice Version

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