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    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    Hey bro! Great news for you :D
    I've found a REALLY COOL site for sprites, including the missing sprites from DS game, such as Raidramon, Digmon,...

    But unfortunately, I don't have enough posts for posting links, so I'll probably post the way to get there :D. That site is a PHOTOBUCKET gallery of DIGITALDESTINYCLAN, and its name is DIGIMON AND ICON SPRITE

    Btw, I've been searching for that guy's name on Google, and what I found was a suprise: Some OW sprites for you! You must search: digimon sprite archive digital sprite destiny on Google, and enter the first result.

    I've included a demo picture for you
    This demo included 3 sprite of Fusion Sprites, and you may add them to your Fakemon :D

    I'll do anything to help you on sprites & Story, cause I'm not really good at scripting and using tools :D
    I'll look into those sprites soon. The only problem is that they might be the same style as firered sprites. I would like to keep it all very close to firered pixel art. I'll be posting an update to the story soon. If you have an ideas right now I'd be glad to hear them.

    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    Cooler than ever!
    Here is the best Sprite website I've ever seen!
    But, I think you must explore it :D So I won't give easy directions.

    You can find:
    _ Front & OW sprite for most digimons
    _ OW sprite for character, including the old man on season 1
    _ Devimon OW sprite (Yay!)
    Can you post us the map? So that I can name the route :D
    Btw, please upload the digi - evolution testing rom. Cause I wanna see what it likes and may be I can give you some more suggestions?
    I checked this site out but I'm not too sure the style fits. Also the digivolution beta hasn't been released yet and won't be for a while. I still don't have my computer back so I can't take screen shots or map/insert anything.

    Originally Posted by alekay04 View Post
    will you include the different forms? like the baby,rookie,champion,ultimate and mega? and how can we tame other digimon? do we need digiball(pokeball) and i think the digimon must have their unique skill, for the game not to be boring, example gabumon have blue blaster why do i need to get a gabumon if agumon can learn blue blaster? im just suggesting its up to you, but most of all u did a great job on this project, god bless..
    The levels of digimon are as follows: Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega. Most digimon will digivolve along this path. Those that don't will either stop at Ultimate, or digi-armor (if you digivolve them via eggs).
    Agumon won't learn blue blaster, and Gabumon won't learn pepper breath. That would be silly

    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    I've got some wonderful tiles in Poke-mega forum (the biggest Pokemon forum in VN). And the owner of those tiles is Sky _ the hacker of Pokemon Flora Sky.
    If you want to see, just quote this message and say yes, i'll post the link in the next post.
    I suppose I could give them a look. I never played Flora Sky so I don't know what they're like. I really like your enthusiasm

    Update: As the rumors of evil digimon grow you'll find that important systems in the world have started shutting down, or have completely gone offline. You will restore these systems in the hopes that order will be restored. The evil digimon are suspected to be linked to these systems' failure. You must find this link, as it may be the key to saving the world from the underlying menace.

    This will respectively be the order of the gym leaders, gym type, towns, and systems to be restored:

    Operating System


    Torrent City

    ROOT Village
    Admin. Terminal

    Firewall City
    Firewall Generator

    Cloud City

    Sanctum Ultimum
    RAM Processor

    Bestia Comis
    Countermeasure Utilities

    Bestia Comis will be just like Viridian City. You'll encounter it early on, but you can't access the gym until all the other gyms have been beaten and the central plot has begun its climax. I was considering Ryo for the last gym, as DiamondBlueMoon suggested, but I'll reserve him for something better. I picked Willis because he has Terriermon and Lopmon and he fits the general traits of a friendly tamer. Ryo will fill a more plot oriented role as he does in the anime.
    I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasing the first full-fledged Digimon hack of Pokemon Fire Red. We're getting close to the first release so come check it out in the Progressing hacks, and see how you can help us with the project.