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    Hi guys! Guess what?

    The sprites are a bit delayed!
    Oh Well, no matter, I made some custom placeholders for the time being.

    Meet Ethan!

    This is the hero of the game.

    Meet Rose!

    This is the heroine of the game.

    Meet Tom!

    This the rival of the game who chooses the starter pokémon with a type-advantage to yours.

    The features:
    Custom Battle BGs
    New Hero/Heroine sprites
    HGSS Tiles
    The awakening of Groudon
    649 Pokémon
    4 Gym Badges obtainable
    more plot revealed

    The Plot:
    Professor Birch has moved to the region of Greeo, there he makes a new life in the village of Smalltownsville. He carries on his dream of being a Pokémon professor. One day, he meets you! You choose from either Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip and set off your journey.
    You will run into an old enemy... Team Magma! aswell as being caught up in a war between the organisation from Hoenn and a new menace, Team Emerald. Thought to be good, they soon turn on their followers!
    Your job is to stop them from awakening Groudon and Kyogre and tearing the region in two!

    Cheesey or what?

    Official Screenshots:


    P.S: for any of you who is a resource theif, if you decrypt the archive, I will know and will not be happy. Stealing is gonna get you the wrong sort of publicity!

    Meet the Team:
    Founder, Mapper, Spriter: Your's Truly!
    Co-Founder and Storywritter: Our very own Firestorm.!
    Spriter: Aénex!

    If anyone wants to join the team can you just PM me what you are good at and evidence of your work.


    (If I have missed anyone off the credits list tell me and I will put your name up on the credits list)