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    Originally Posted by DiamondBlueMoon View Post
    Well, I think that you should give the supporters like us your Y!M nick or the time you could online every week (cause I'm waiting for a reply for 3 days!)

    Great things that I've been trying changing the sprites and I've succeed! I'll include a beta picture of Digmon - Submarimon - Raidramon to be the starters. :D And after that, I saw a picture case of Pokemon Quartz, and I made a case for you :D

    I've just thought about a new title: Digimon Rangers, cause you're sent on a mission, right? So you must be a ranger...

    Still working on the 5th gym of the story :D
    Hope you'll get your computer back soon
    My email is [email protected] I haven't updated in a while because I wanted to finish figuring out the gym order and the systems. It's difficult to post from my phone so I don't post until I have several things to reply to and a full update.

    Nice sprites. I think these might be much easier to deal with in the long run. Awesome find.

    Idk if I like the name. It just makes me think of power rangers lol. But the box art is sweet.

    So do I lol
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