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Amanda Smith

Amanda looked at him and smiled. "want to go to one of the battlefields I saw on the map?" she asked pulling out her map again looking at it "lets see" she muttered as Shadow jumped to her shoulder looking at the map. "You won't be able to do that after you evolve Shadow" she chuckled.

"And why do you say that?" Shadow said looking at the map.

"When you evolve if you jump on my shoulder you'll crush me Shadow" she shook her head with a small laugh before looking at Lincoln. "How about Battlefield 8? We're close to that one, and afterwords we can go to the cafeteria"

Sapphire Dillon

Sapphire blushed looking at Bri before seeing Skye, "It's nice to meet you Skye" she said a blush still on her face as she glanced at Bri again. Bea jumped out of Sapphires arms and went over to Sakutaro who was standing next to Bri at the moment.

"I know something" Bea giggled.

"And what's that" Sakutaro said back shaking his head.

"She likes him" Bea giggled more pointing first at Sapphire and then at Brian.

Sakutaro looked and chuckled. "I think your right" he said not liking that fact. "but let them figure it out on their own" he said.
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