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    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I'm sorry if I made you feel bad. However, this thread is for reporting bugs in the latest version of Essentials that are there by default, not for problem caused by your own script changes - the latter should go in their own threads.

    Obviously not every single little change is listed in the changelog; it'd be ridiculous to expect me to do that, as it would take up so much more of my time. Renaming a file to have a better name is hardly worthy of mention, in my opinion, and I would likely miss noting some of the renames even if I was trying to record them all. That kind of information would only be useful to the vast minority who are trying to update their own games, rather than copying across changes to a fresh version as recommended.
    This kind or information can be get comparing the two versions scripts (using programs that show the changes like the wikipedia ones or manually).
    But pasting more that a hundred of different changes can be very less practical that copying the new Essentials features separately.
    You probably understand. If other people is taking over Essentials and you continues making your game, do you update your game or copy across changes to a fresh version as recommended?

    I am putting bugfix directly into Wikia page that have the same purpose that this thread, but the info is better organized for future references.
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