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    Originally Posted by Epitaph93 View Post
    My email is [email protected] I haven't updated in a while because I wanted to finish figuring out the gym order and the systems. It's difficult to post from my phone so I don't post until I have several things to reply to and a full update.

    Nice sprites. I think these might be much easier to deal with in the long run. Awesome find.

    Idk if I like the name. It just makes me think of power rangers lol. But the box art is sweet.

    So do I lol
    If you wanna keep the name Digimon Fire Red, it's OK, and just pm me, I'll make you a brand new case :D

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    Not bad man Although I can see an error on the box. wargreymon is on top of the gba box so, it should be resized a bit & moved over so it doesn't overlap it *if you want the box to look like a real gba box cover*. The sprites look good.

    &@ Epitaph93 nice updates. the gym leaders look good.
    Erh, some boxes do overlap the GBA theme, you can search GBA rom on Google :D

    Thanks everyone for complimenting on my sprite I'm going to search more and more sprites :D I can only online at about 8 ~ 10 a.m or 3 ~ 5 p.m. I'm working on the tile maps :D