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    i wanna make a PO team themed around KH3D (at least, what ive seen of it lol), but i just cant seem to find good ones to fit the characters. for those that have played kh3d, could yall help me out here?

    also, OU pokes, if able

    characters i wanna try to fit into team(list will exceed 6):
    Riku(even more duh xD)
    Axel/Lea(fire type needed lol)
    mickey(fast poke)
    Braig(really not sure xp)
    Mstr/Yng Xehanort(maybe lol)
    Vanitas(gotta think abut him)
    Ansem SoD/Xemnas(like i said, maybe)
    Isa(heavy hitter, though not sure lol)

    heh heh, longer list than i wanted (but at least im sure to have 6 pokes lol)

    got a feeling you guys will be able to help more with this that the twewy team i wanted a while back xD

    Done by a friend of mine on another forum

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