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I happened across this thread completely by chance after coming to pokecommunity after a year or so hiatus, lol. Which is amusing, seeing as I left in the first place because there was a previous thread where someone had tried to start a LGBTQS thread and it had to be locked because of closed-mindedness and arguing.

Anyways, I am here. 21, and I live in NY where marriage is legal for same-sex couples. I just got married to my love of 3 years at niagara falls on 3.21.12


Notice the rainbow in the upper right hand corner of that first picture, lol =D

I've been out since I did a semester of college, and now I'm just cruising through life. Despite being in a very conservative part of NY, there seem to be a ton of gays around. Or maybe I'm just a magnet?

(Since you're probably wondering, I'm the one on the right and the beautiful lady on the left is my wife =P)

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