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    ❂ BOLD STEP ❂

    A look of awkwardness graced the face of the little boy as he was half-glomped into a hug with the teasing Psy. He watched as the kids' pokemon were talking to him. It didn't make any sense, considering he looked like a boy. So he felt it best to act as if he couldn't understand or didn't know they were talking to him. He had simply watched them all as they talked. How does Psy know they aren't "R" Men...? How does she even know what "R" Men are? He shook his head quietly. Well... They might have captured me already if they were... But I still don't know them... Don't trust... Sucking on his index finger, his signature move of adorable childishness, he used his free hand to pet Star continuously. He was watching everyone talk, though he wasn't very good at listening, so he phased out some things but still tried to listen. He knew he'd be better off if he just stayed quiet; they wouldn't understand him anyways.

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