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    Originally Posted by iRyahn View Post
    The bumps on the wings alone is very odd, no other flying type has something like that. I agree that this could very well be a new Pokemon.

    What are you talking about? We know for a fact there is at least two new Pokemon, and there has been major suspicions of at least 1 more new one for a while now.
    Who? Kyurem? Those are forms not Pokemon. We still have 649 Pokemon. If you are referring to Keldeo and Meleotta, again, those aren't knew. Anyone that has access to Serebii, Bulbapedia, any Pokemon News site, or any Pokemon Fan Site knew about them when Black and White were released. They are newly released, but not new.

    Again we still only have 649 Pokemon. We know all the Pokemon, we are still in Gen 5, there won't be new Pokemon.