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    Aw, thank you <3 Glad to know I'm a minority, even on here. lol

    Yeah, when New York approved gay marriage I wasn't about to wait until they went all Prop 8 on us. Because as far as we've come with gay rights, knowing my luck NY would repeal the right to marry. And plus wifey is covered under my health insurance, and I get the choice if something happens to her instead of my now mother-in-law

    On a side note, what are the opinions on this? It's a little more on the political side of things, which I'm not really into, but I just like how there's a timeline to see the progress that's been made in the past four years. Even if it is just to get votes. Though I wish some of it wasn't even necessary. (Clarifying "family" to include LGBT relationships? Really?)

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