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Originally Posted by KH Fan Bixran View Post

also, OU pokes, if able

characters i wanna try to fit into team(list will exceed 6):
Riku Lucario
Axel/Lea Infernape
mickey Cinccino
Braig Absol
Mstr/Yng Xehanort Alakazam
Vanitas Zoroark
Ansem SoD/Xemnas(like i said, maybe)
Isa(heavy hitter, though not sure lol)
I don't know about all OU, but here's a few ideas. :D If you don't mind a few NU/UUs. Edits above in bold.

Back to other Squeenix discussion, I'm playing through FFX at the moment. I was most of the way through ages ago, until my memory card died, so I didn't bother starting over. This time, I'm emulating my own disc (PCSX2) on my PC so I can a. Render the game at 1920x1440, which is a massive improvement over the PS2's 640x480, and b. backup the memory card continuously with Dropbox.

I was younger when I first played it, so going through now with so much more understanding makes it such a great game. I love turn-based battle systems, so it's going to be difficult to move to another FF game after this. (Obviously FFX-2 is next, then I might do FFXII, which went down with the same memory card)