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    Originally Posted by cyndaqwilfish:) View Post
    Name: cyndaqwilfish
    Your Gym Leader: Misty
    2 Partner Pokemon: Cyan the Lapras and Auxillary the Lantern
    Why have you joined to be trained: I love water types and Misty has so much personality. I love how many species there are, al of them with unique niches.
    What do you think of the new Gym Leaders for Black and White 2: Homika and Shizui?
    They seem really cool! Especially Homika, probably because I like poison types as well. I wonder what Pokemon Shizui will use?
    Welcome to the club! Misty, ahh. The favorite female companion of Ash's! How did you feel when Misty parted ways with Ash and Brock? I personally want her back, but as a gym leader, it's her duty to train those Pokemon! Any favorite episodes specifically for/about Misty? There are a tons! I think Shizui will have Water type Pokemon as well.
    Originally Posted by xHayleyChan View Post
    Name: xHayleyChan
    Your Gym Leader: Jasmine
    2 Partner Pokemon: Steelix and Magnezone
    Why have you joined to be trained: The main reason, I joined was because I respect Jamine and admire her. The way she protects a ampharos because i was sick and how she was actually a really strong trainer despite her innocent look.
    Jasmine is a wonderful gym leader. I love her as well! I remember seeing her appearance in the Diamond/Pearl series. Checking out the contests, was she? Any favorite moments by Jasmine? That Steelix of hers was indeed a scary one at first appearance!
    Originally Posted by BZW Golem View Post
    Name: BZW Golem
    Your Gym Leader: Morty cuz I had a "crush" on him when I was 9 years old, lol
    2 Partner Pokemon: Jester the Gengar, Ozzy the Rotom
    Why have you joined to be trained: I was forced to Well, what would pokemon be without gym leaders? I just adore most of them <3

    Now, about Homika and Shizui.

    Homika looks cool, I wanted a poison gym leader for a long time and I jope to have a decent battle with her :3

    Shizui, I don't like him much at the moment, I never liked water gyms because they were too easy *always has a grass or electric type pokemon in her team*.
    And his is pants make me.. well.. make a "dafuq" face >.>
    Now that you think about, Morty is a great Ghost Pokemon. I like him as well. I don't really know much about him myself to be honest.
    Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
    Name: Olli97/Olli
    Your Gym Leader: Falkner
    2 Partner Pokemon: Falkner's Staraptor and Pidgey
    Why have you joined to be trained: The Gym Leaders are some of the most awesome and respected characters in all of the games, and they have all rightfully deserved their spot on the league teams. They are the challenges ahead of you whenever you start your journey, and for most parts, the ones you train to defeat, and they're all just generally awesome. I loved how they're sometimes parts of events outside of the gyms in the games, which helps to add to their personalities, making you know more about them, and making them the more interesting and in-depth characters in the games.

    What do you think of the new Gym Leaders for Black and White 2: Homika and Shizui?

    At the current time I haven't really generated much of an opinion on them, though I like both their designs, and Alex' hype about Homika has kinda made me like her a bit.
    I expect Homika to be a tough nail, due to how fierce she looks in the current pictures of her, and seriously. All Poison type trainers has always been a pain in the behind to beat, so I expect nothing less from Homika.

    Shizui kinda reminds me of the Gen IV Water type gym leader (which I don't remember the name of, and am to too lazy to look up ), so I look forward to getting more information on him. But as I said, I haven't really gotten an opinion on either of them as of yet :/
    Hope that Pidgey isn't ready to faint!
    I wouldn't say they are all respectful. There are quite a few that are mean and doesn't want to talk or battle against you(the player, of course). I completely agree with what you say about Homika. I think I may like her and enjoy her greatly myself as well. That Generation IV Water-type gym leader you are speaking of? Crasher Wake. It's still very earlier to tell and give an opinion on these guys until the game releases or the anime show their appearances.

    Now as for your joining, why do you choose Falkner? Anything specific about him?
    Other than a freebie to choosing Pidgey

    & last but not least: WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!