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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Yeah it will also be from Unova.
Yeah I thought Skorupi would be a change.
I've edited his moves and made him abit weaker and evolve earlier instead of level 40.
Well Ultimo I was wondering if you would be a beta tester, you have picked up all my errors so far, and I know you would be a good team mate?

Thanks qaz, yeah I've already fixed the stairs, have a look below
And thanks, I still need to learn to change the crys.

Yep already done.

Update Time:
1. I fixed the stairs.

2. Start of Oak Starter Event (Needs Colour Text)

3. Thanks so so so much to bensgraphicdesign for the new hero sprite, I think it looks perfect.
I could not be happier, but I'm sure ben would love to hear feedback?
It should be inserted in the next week or two.
The answer to the question is YES!! i wanna be a beta tester xD! also i like the hero sprite its quite different from other games quick question well since i seen the nidoran there but is that the poke your gonna fight when you get the starter or am i gonna have to wait and see?

EDIT: Also quick question is it just me or does Oak sorta look like gary from a side view?
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