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To me, this really felt like the closest we've gotten to: "My Little Pony FiM: the Movie".
Which means that the episodes exceeded TV standard and probably could've been shown in cinemas if they wanted to. I know I wouldn't have regretted going to watch it, if it were so. A great way to end the series! Unlike both the season pilots, nothing really felt rushed or incomplete. That's what I really liked about the new episodes.

I honestly wasn't expecting much. Sure, it was a wedding between Twilight's brother and some princess. I didn't think it was going to be THIS big. It just shows how much care the writers, animators, and storyboarders put into this series. Of course, all three songs featured in the film episodes were fantastic as well.

My friend and I came across a couple plot holes, but heck. It's a kids' show. Doesn't matter. xD;
Completely pumped for Season 3. Although, it's only 13 episodes. o3o