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    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
    Howdy, I think I'll join this lovely new club.

    Your Gym Leader: Jasmine.
    2 Partner Pokemon: (From Gym Leader) Metagross ; (Captured) Scizor.

    Why have you joined to be trained:

    Ever since I began playing Pokemon I found that the ideas and concepts of having gym leaders was really creative and fun, and ever since then, I'd research heavily on each of the gym leaders, alternating between them, finding my favourites etc. My choice of Hasmine is quite simply really, I love steel types. They're streamline, shiny and not to mention quite hardy, which is always a plus. I found that Jasmine was the better looking out of all Gym Leaders haha; Bryson... ew; needs a shave and a shower. xD;

    Elesa is better looking than Jasmine Oh wait, you called her Hasmine once in your answer there Thought that was a little funny but anyway:

    I got the same exact way in searching for favoritism as you do. Only I search more into for the female ones. That's why I always say Elesa and Skyla are the best looking and back up Misty, Whitney and Erika as well. Lt Surge is actually the only male gym leader I like myself, plus Brock but he's a different story. Couldn't stay away from Ash ehh?

    Originally Posted by cyndaqwilfish:) View Post
    I was sad when Misty left the show. To me, a hot-tempered friend adds more realism to the show and I thought she really completed Ash (even if they fought like crazy!) I really liked her on the show, probably also because of her interesting backround too. Maybe it explains why she was so short tempered, being the youngest of four girls. One of my favorite episodes with her was where she had her first battle with Ash at the Cerulean Gym. Idk... she just made the show to me.
    Anything with Misty on the show was actually good enough for me. I saw her return in a couple episodes with May and Max. I was so thrilled to see Misty return. Definitely in a different outfit, it was quite awesome for the change!

    Which means its time for a new topic...

    Which gym leaders or type of gym battles do you expect in Black 2 and White 2?

    Well with that being said, I do expect a rotation vs Triple Battle (difference between Black 2 and White 2) to show up. We did have one Double Battle in the Hoenn Region with that Psychic twins, why not have 3v3? (I only had Pokemon Black 1, the first gym didn't even had 3v3 like I thought, which disappointed me) And we haven't had a Dark gym yet. With the exception of the Elite Four using them, that is totally different.

    I believe there will be about 1 or 2 gym leaders that will carry over. The rest?

    Well we know Homika-Poison and Shizui-Water. We can cancel out 2 with 6 to go. I believe there will be another Electric gym, with Eelektross of course. Later on in the game, further than where they put Elesa as Gym #4. If anyone, I would love the game even more if they have her in it, not even as a gym leader xD

    I'm not exactly good at coming up with puzzles and mazes and I'll leave that up to everyone else to predict this, but I've came up with:


    What does everyone think about having a possible tournament or of some sort for Pokemon Online with these Gym Leader's Pokemon? Of course this will be later on, will need at least 20 members to happen.