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The adaptations weren't outright terrible though, right? Like, EVERY ANIME EVER is worse than the source material, even the ones that are the original. It happens every single time with every single adaptation. So long as they don't Tsukihime again, Little Busters! will just be like every single other adaptation: inferior to the source why are you even watching it go read the manga/novel/game.

Nichijou is good, in both source and anime, but the quality of the final product doesn't reflect the amount of effort they put into it. They put a lot of freaking effort into it. Sakuga-styled animation, an orchestral score, super artsy eyecatches, changing EDs, and character singles for 9 characters. They even added extra scenes in bluray and aired an abridged version last winter. All of this for something that didn't even sell. It only seems to be a hit among English speaking circles. Behind all the bells and whistles, it's just a simple slapstick, deadpan, overall clever comedy gag 4koma. To me, Nichijou anime is good, but not great. A couple of great memorable scenes, but not much more. I can't help but feel that I would've enjoyed it much more if they just toned it down a bit.

tl;dr: KyoAni tried way too hard.