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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Hope that Pidgey isn't ready to faint!
I wouldn't say they are all respectful. There are quite a few that are mean and doesn't want to talk or battle against you(the player, of course). I completely agree with what you say about Homika. I think I may like her and enjoy her greatly myself as well. That Generation IV Water-type gym leader you are speaking of? Crasher Wake. It's still very earlier to tell and give an opinion on these guys until the game releases or the anime show their appearances.

Now as for your joining, why do you choose Falkner? Anything specific about him?
Other than a freebie to choosing Pidgey :P

& last but not least: WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!
How dare you say such things about my Pidgey!
I agree that all gym leaders aren't equally respected, though I don't recall any instances of one not wanting to battle you without reason. Pryce seemed like a cold hearted bastard at first, since he didn't really care about the Pokémon at all, though that was later revealed to be because of his Mamoswine supposedly abandoning him, though it was found frozen in a cave where it must've been for quite a long time. His heart was melted together with the ice surrounding Mamoswine, and his nice side turned and faced the light again, giving me renewed respect for him.
Other than that the only ones I remember were Jasmine, which was only because her Ampharos was sick and she had to take care of it, and Volkner, whose reasons I don't exactly remember, other than that they were good reasons.

My initial choice would actually have been Pryce, though I saw that someone had already chosen him, and I like to be original. The reason that Falkner was my second choice, was mainly, as you mentioned, because of the freebie to get Pidgey xD. Though I mostly like the fact that he's a MALE Flying type gym leader, and I guess he has a quite cool design. I'm not much for his hair, but the overworlds fixed that :p
Other than that, I obviously like his in-game team, and I guess they expanded that in HGSS with the rematches? Man, I really need to get one of those games.

As for the topic, I really want to see a Ghost type gym again. If I remember correctly, we haven't seen one since Morty's gym in Gen II, and that's a looooooooooong time ago. :/ Maybe also going original and making a mixed type gym, like one with a lot of types. That'd be cool ^^