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    Originally Posted by Nickalooose View Post
    A little info on why this happens... To clarify, I downloaded a fresh Essentials off the Wiki, I've also tried running Editor.exe as administrator, I've also tried running it under Service Pack 2, and all the above...

    I tried an older version from like 2 years ago or something like that, and it works fine! I've created about 4 animations with the older version to make sure it wasn't a fluke, but the newer version, fails everytime... Which is a shame!

    I'm only pointing this out because it seems nobody is using the Animation Editor and/or this is my bug, which as stated above, the older versions are fine, but you did say you wanted some sort of feedback!

    FYI, it is named aaa because I got tired of naming it the attack itself as I tried several times and all failed, tried meaning, opening and closing, creating then trying to export, several times, which gets boring and time consuming.
    As I said, there are a number of problems with the Animation Editor. The inability to export animations is one of them, and I've fixed that one too. It's due to it asking the player to name the file, which is just bizarre and probably due to the message system changes that Poccil made ages ago. Again, I've fixed that for the next release (which will be coming out very shortly!).

    The fix I gave earlier will at least allow your animations to be saved, which is better than before.

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    This kind or information can be get comparing the two versions scripts (using programs that show the changes like the wikipedia ones or manually).
    But pasting more that a hundred of different changes can be very less practical that copying the new Essentials features separately.
    You probably understand. If other people is taking over Essentials and you continues making your game, do you update your game or copy across changes to a fresh version as recommended?

    I am putting bugfix directly into Wikia page that have the same purpose that this thread, but the info is better organized for future references.
    I think the phrase "as recommended" says it all. Updating Essentials is never easy, whichever method you use. At least with the "modify the latest Essentials" method, you have a working project to start with - it's so much easier to miss a few changes with the "upgrade your own project" method and make it not work.

    Ah yes, the wiki. I should do some more work on that at some point.
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