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    Ruby Destiny

    (ooc: Kat and SD- if your pokemon is going to talk to Ruby, pls let them speak in human language towards her :3 she can understand pokemon and talk to them, its her ability)

    Ruby listened to the coversation that was taking place between Kat and Kilik, Kilik doesn't want to believe that this boy is her cousin. Ruby sees he's scared as hell and bents down to him, giving Star and PokePoffin to show her she won't hurt her little friend. 'Don't worry, i won't hurt him.' she pats her umbreon head and searches in her bag again.

    '(what are you looking for Rubs?)' Hikari asks her curious. 'here it is...' Ruby takes out a candy and hands it to the little boy. 'i got it yesterday from halloween, you can have it.' Ruby smiles at him before walking back to Kilik and Kat.

    '(he makes me think of the old you...)' Hikari speaks at her. '(shy... quiet... scared for everyone... not trusting anyone...)' Hikari says. '......' Ruby doesn't answer on her little Poochyena. 'that was the old me, my past, i was hurted, and now i changed...' she then comments quietly to Hikari.

    'i think too that the whole cousin story is a little hard to believe, but let's change the subject, what are we going to do?' Ruby asks Kat and Kilik.
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