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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post

What, to you, makes Generation II so appealing?
BW2 might have 10? Did not know that!

The two regional exploration of Kanto and Johto was something I love doing. To bad they didn't do the same for Hoenn to Sinnoh or Unova to whatever the next Generation would be. I say this Generation is very much the most favorable due to this reason mostly. The 16 gyms are insane. Although in Kanto, they are all surrounding the levels 50-60ish. All you need is a Pokemon beating the Elite Four over and over and over again to level 70 and you can just blast on by the Kanto Gyms. Plus I feel like as long as Johto is, they should had done a bit more with Team Rocket when visiting the Kanto region, rather than just that one guy in Cerulean City.

The Bug Catching competition was fun as well. I loved doing that. Although I do happen to release those that I did not want after the competition. Does that make me a bad trainer for letting those Wild Pokemon back into freedom rather than slaved into my PC?

Let's not forget the HeartGold/SoulSilver games of Pokeathlon Dome. That was a fun place to attend. It definitely reminds me a lot of the Mario Party memories :D