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    Name - Vato

    Friend - Cynthia

    Partner - Togekiss

    Reason For Joining - Champions, the toughest trainers in their regions, they are smart, strong, and wouldn't hesitate to use an item or to switch their Pokemon, thats what makes them cool, they're different in every sense, well, except for Alder, I was kind of expecting more from his team in White.

    I actually prefer Cynthia, not because of her Pokemon, I don't like them (mainly because they were about to defeat me like a trillion times when I first faced her), but, I think she's the only one who uses moves in a strategic way (For example, before attacking, her Milotic used Aqua Ring), and you get to know her in Pt before facing her, and you actually never expect what her team is going to be when you're going to face her for the first time, I must say it, when I first fought with her, I thought she would use Dark Pokemon (Those black clothes are tricky), and her only dark Pokemon was Spiritomb :O
    And she also uses Togekiss in Pt., I love Togekiss :)

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