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After finishing off his shower, Daniel stretched out, smiling brightly as he looked out the window. Thankfully, it was only a little over noon, about… two or three, by his estimate, so him and Mark would still have plenty of time to go trekking in the mountains later on. First thing’s first though.

He moved over to the bathtub where Alexis was still soaking, now just gently bobbing about on her belly, letting out a pleased little coo every now and then. Daniel chuckled at this sight, smiling down at her. “You’re really enjoying yourself, huh?”
“Chhhuuuuu~” came the response, causing him to snicker again as he moved closer, picking up the sponge lying next to the tub. “Well, in either case, I better help you get rid of that mud, eh? Come on, give a paw here…”

About fifteen minutes of rigorous scrubbing and drying later, Daniel was standing in the main part of his dorm room, stretching out with a wide smile, happy to finally be wearing his good old, orange and black jacket with a white T-shirt underneath it, and a pair of jeans. Alexis was sitting next to him, rubbing behind her ear, as the shampoo had left a bit of an itch in that particular spot. Other than that, she was looking sparkly clean.

“Well, we’re both cleaned up, refreshed, and you look beautiful as always. Are you ready to go get some battling done for the first time here?” “Rai!” Daniel smiled and nodded, lowering a hand to scratch the top of the Raichu’s head, causing her to lean into his touch, smiling to herself. “Alright then. And don’t worry about winning or losing… as long as you do your best, I can’t ask for anything else!”

And with that, they went out of his room and headed towards the battlefield they had decided to meet on. Though Daniel was hurrying a little, due to thinking he might be a tad late, having spent a while getting rid of the muck and saliva that had drenched his clothes earlier. He had to send them to the washer’s at some point as well.

Eventually, they both arrived at the battlefield, though only Mark, Len, Snype and the odd half-serpent like Pokémon were present. Daniel came to a halt next to him with a bright smile, giving his hand a wave. “Hey you guys! Oscar isn’t here yet, huh? I’m sure he’ll be around soon… I’m so pumped for this. It’ll be my first battle on the island.”

He smiled warmly and excitedly, stretching his arms to the sides, peering over his shoulder, back at the academy, before snapping his fingers, looking back to Mark. “Oh! That reminds me… would it be alright if I head to the Pokémon center after the battle real quick? Alexis can handle rock and ground types, but it’s better to be on the safe side and heal her up fully, even if she wins, right?”

Alexis came to a halt next to Daniel and got up on her hind legs, waving a paw at the other Pokémon, her tail swiping a little in the air behind her while she smiled. Like Daniel, she seemed really excited about her fight. “Hey everyone. It’s good to see you all again! Looks like you all got cleaned up. I had a nice, long bath, and Daniel scrubbed my fur afterwards.” She let out a soft, pleasant sigh at the memory before shaking her head a little, snapping back to reality, turning to look to Len. “Can’t imagine you needed much cleaning, being a water type, mmh?”
She lifted a paw to rub slightly behind and in front of her ear, as if it was itching, but somewhere inside of her, she wanted at least some kind of compliment in regards to her fur. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but she adored her fur, and really disliked it if someone told her it was ugly, scruffy or they just plain disliked it.
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