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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
(Is OP even around anymore?)
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS whew sorry I've been buried with schoolwork, but I'll be more active in the summer (hopefully).

Anyways yeah everyone's accepted and I added your names in the top post; if I accidentally skipped you then just tell me.

Originally Posted by KH Fan Bixran View Post
Omg, i laughed so hard after i watched this:

If u look at the end, even yen sid is going "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!"
Bahaha I love how everyone is like: "Whatttttttttt?"

And yeah post spoilers tags (that's one of the rules--although it's not like anyone really reads rules these days but it's common sense hehe).

I can't wait for August, or whenever KH3D comes out. I've been spoiling myself this whole time (though it's not like I really care, haha). ;___;