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    New friend... Skye smiled. As always Bri's ability with girls was virtually nonexistent. "N-nice to meh-meet yuh-hou." He didn't even glance to see if she would react past a simple greeting. It wasn't out of dislike but simply because the two of them clearly felt awkward and making it worse by complaining about his physical mishap would be the worst right about now. So he just gave an amicable grin and hummed, glancing politely at young Bouncy.

    "Unless you wake the little fuzzbrain up, she's out like a light curlyball," Rama reported with all the smiling mischief he could muster. He gave Sprinkles a roll of the eyes. "Poor kid. Spoiled as rotten food, that's what you are. Hehe." Skye would have hit Rama if he could but thankfully he had an Ellie to read his mind and do it for him. The Espeon left her Pokeball and smoothly smacked her friend over the head.

    "Behave you," she murmured, giving Sprinkles an apologetic look. "He's just young. Besides the pot is clearly calling the kettle black."

    Rama snorted. "Stop having species sympathy. And don't even call me spoiled girly. Arrogant yes, a pain, yes, but spoiled? Hah! You and I both know what that looks like."

    "I do wish you would shut up about that," she growled before waving her lilac tail at Bri in greeting, nodding at Sakutaro politely.

    Skye caught Bri's offer and smiled. "I-hif you duh-hon't mind me j-joining you," he said warmly, giving Maxwell a cheery nod. "I-hi cah-han pay duh-duh-don't worry."


    It took all of her pranking finesse not to bust up laughing right then and there. Had this kid ever heard a ghost? But she had gotten her answer. It was the kid from the hospital. Oh lordy. This would definitely be entertaining. Tapping her chin, she breathed out and let calmly go of a now softly growling Luxray. Sparx knew him too... oh dear. SHe hoped she wouldn't have to step in. Seeing Sparx in a temper was just too hilarious.

    However, Ash was not willing to get fired just because of Sparx's overprotective fangs being set to the setting of overkill. Sparx began to carefully pad out the door, sniffing out Quin and looking through whatever she could with her sharp eyes. Ash silently followed, holding back a few childish snickers.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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