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Valorie Ryder - Academy Hallway

As Valorie moved her way along at a brisk pace she was startled by the familiar sound of a flygon nearby. She didn't think it was hers, and yet it was so close she couldn't be sure. She began to turn when she was abruptly knocked over by the very enthusiastic subject of her concern. Letting off something of a yelp she went down and immediately started freaking right the heck out because sweet-mother-there's-a-heavy-dragon-pinning-me-down-and-it's tasting-me-oh-god-why. In all seriousness though, flygon were surprisingly heavy for a pokemon that spent a good deal of it's time flying, leaving Valorie... quite uncomfortable, to say the least. The immediate result was a terrified, squirming child turning her head away from a dragon's tongue and a much larger dragon, name Valorie's 12 foot tall Dragonite, letting herself out of her pokeball in a protective manner. Perhaps surprisingly though, the hallways weren't actually large enough for Dragonite and she promptly bumped her head against the ceiling, being forced to hunch over in an awkward manner in order to fit. The ceilings were high, but not /that/ high... 8-9 feet most likely. Valorie heard a voice call out but her panicked mind wasn't ready to deal with it. when the flygon got off her she quickly squirmed away, up against one of the feet of her dragonite, looking as if she had just nearly been mailed by an ursaring and was worried it might not be finished.

Congratulations, Drake made Valorie lose her cool in public. That wasn't exactly terribly hard. Valorie was hyperventilating when Drake spoke to her, and just sort of stared at him in a bewildered manner as she began to grasp the situation. Meanwhile a tense dragonite just sort of sat there, realizing it literally had almost no move around in here. She was almost twice the size of your average dragonite.

After a moment Valorie's cheeks flushed slightly as frustration took over. When she spoke, she sounded a bit exasperated. She was silently reminding herself that sue could not sass Tue adults without fear of making things worse, whereas with other students personal strength dictated the ultimate outcome... or at least that's how she saw it.

"I'm Valorie Ryder..."

Olivia Wolf - In front of the academy

Olivia took a moment to consider what Kenshin had said. So he had some sort of hideaway huh? She found this slightly odd, as she hadn't gotten the impression he had been there for a while. Regardless, she simply smiled and acted as if it were no big deal. Really, she had no reason to make a big deal out of any of this stuff. Her mother had told her training would be full of bumps and bruises. What did she care anyway? Some scratches were no big deal when put up against all the exercise her legs got to her. Nobody cares about a girl's arms being in shape anyway. Looking around, Olivia considered her options before returning her attention to Kenshin.

"I guess I'll just be around here in the grasslands somewhere trying to find pokemon~"

She hadn't offered to accompany Kenshin mostly because well... It was called secret for a reason, yes? She had assumed that meant she wasn't supposed to see it, even if she /was/ slightly tempted. Besides, this would make for an excellent time for her to train up or perhaps catch a new pokemon if she found something cute enough.

Elizabeth - Classroom

Elizabeth seemed a bit puzzled by the claim Takumi had made. Magical book, haunted house? Her, magic? For a moment she seemed stumped as to how to respond. She wasn't very good at speech, was the thing. Takumi had referred to it as ancient Johto. She probably could've taken anything a haunted house threw at her on account of her pokemon. However, sue honestly didn't feel compelled to do so. She had trained more for survival than anything else.

"T-the umm... the magic is created from the pokemon."

Her speech was a bit awkward. What pokemon was she referring to? Or had she not meant it that way? Elizabeth seemed to imply that magic was not a natural gift, but rather something to be obtained or harnessed.

"I...uh-don't know much about.. the school. I-I-I'm new."

This whole speaking thing seemed to be hard on her, as at times she spoke slow and on ocassion she tried to speed up, only to trip over her words as they tried to leave her tongue.

"Th-they said I was to... protect the-um...students."

The idea of being protected by this tiny, partially illiterate girl was probably hilarious to Takumi on some level. Really, the fact that she wasn't even 4 feet tall didn't do a lot for her.

"But I-um... I don't know how to work the magic..."

She paused for a bit, almost as if she were done.

"...They said they would instruct me when I was older..."

...Huh. Sooner or later someone was bound to ask the obvious question. She had more or less provoked Takumi to ask it just then. It wasn't really a secret, was the thing. It just wasn't well known, and Elizabeth might not understand why one might want to keep such things on the low side. Regardless, Elizabeth had just implied she had known these people when she was young, if she wasn't still young anyway. That was debatable due to time shenanigans. Yet, she had also said the ball was ancient. She clearly was not, or at least did not appear to be, ancient. Or perhaps these people still lived somewhere, keeping their art a secret? That still didn't explain why she had called the ball ancient if it was made by a living society.

For one reason or another Elizabeth didn't seem especially excited to have a curious student asking her questions. That being said though, Elizabeth has never, ever looked excited outside of being offered something delicious, so it was more a lack of a response than a negative one, which may not even come off as unusual coming from a person that often looked uncomfortable or just seemed to be quiet such as herself.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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