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    Implying The Titanic wouldn't be made *insert Dragon Ball Z reference* better with that treatment, I guess I just appreciated the silliness of the show more than you.

    But I wonder what monogatari would have sold without fetish fuel for every fetish imaginable, and the sisters having boyfriends*....another fetish, oniichan NTRing both of them, I joke of course but without the t&a I wonder what the sales would look like. We all know the only way to sell big in Area Eleven is to have gracious fanservice, giant robots (the worse the protagonist the better), have otaku pandering moeblobs or to be Dragon Piece.

    Pandering humour/shows are ok sometimes, I'll think about checking it out come the end of the season. I've heard the main guy is an annoying cloyster so that would probably be it's main stumbling block.

    As KyoAni is the topic of discussion what are your thoughts on this, can't say I'm excited but will probably at least try it anyway.

    *I would love to see the otaku uproar if the Keions got boyfriends at uni.