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My Best Team (No Cheats or Anything just Training) :
-Kyrugem lv100
-Zekrom lv100
-Haxorus lv98
-Dragonaite lv100
-Samurot lv99
-Umbreon lv 99 (Got from trade when it was Eevee lv15)

Favorite Team (All Eevees before traded) :
-Umbreon lv99
-Espeon lv95
-Jolteon lv97
-Vaporeon lv98
-Flareon lv93
-Eevee lv93 (Didn't evolve :D)

And for you ppl who don't believe me, Im using Pokemon Black and if you want to level them up quick, I suggest battling all the trainers in the 2 sport domes (close to electric gym leader...forgot name lol). It took a long time, but it was worth it for my Eeveelutions :D
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