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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Ah great, i'll update you to Team Galaxy
Thanks, ben is indexing it for me now.
And no, that is a sick Nidoran, and it will most likely change as Nidoran wont be in the game lol. Your first battle is against that Skorupi.
And kinda, but it is WesleyFG's Oak sprite, I think its the brown hair that throws you off, It's meant to be grey and i'll change it one day.

You know how rooms have the black border, well this is oaks breeding lab underneath his Study Lab, so its pretty much a big room, kinda like a bio-dome, so it has a black border as its a room lol.
And yes it does, thanks to bensgraphic design once again.

Thanks midnight
Tx alot i was still wodering if ya wanted me to do te title screen for ya? if so i think i can find a random pic that could possible have to do with this in some way and i love this even more with skorupi as the starter poke yes!!
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