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    Originally Posted by Hikomi Yuuki View Post
    Certainly scary, and twisted. It's like delving into a crazy criminal's mind, only to notice that the criminal himself (or in this case, itself) don't realize how insane it has became, or has been. But I certainly still don't understand what could possibly compel the ghost pokemon has killed the trainer. Maybe to "invite" her into the afterlife and stay with it forever ? :/
    But otherwise, a very good scary/horror/pseudo-love story fic. Definitely enjoy reading it. :D
    I'm glad you liked it. Part of the motive was indeed to invite the trainer to stay with it forever, yes. Ghost pokemon are also generally sadistic and like to hurt others just because it brings them joy. The pokemon from the fic wanted to show the true nature of ghost pokemon, and did so in the only way it really knew how.
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