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    Originally Posted by Archenoth View Post
    This is untrue... HTML5 came from Opera. (You only need to read the first line)
    Hello I did not say it cam from google, I said currently Chrome got best support because head designer is from google. You can read your source, quote from it:
    Ian Hickson of Google is the editor of HTML5.
    Originally Posted by Archenoth View Post
    And the best desktop implementation is actually from Firefox currently. Best overall is from Opera Mobile, but not their desktop browser yet. I am not sure about "Next" though, it probably implements the full API, I haven't fully checked. (You can try Opera Mobile via their official Android version emulator here)
    fast test:
    Firefox: 330+9 points
    Chrome: 400+13
    Both with newest version

    I got my facts covered, that is why I said them
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