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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
More exp would be good, but how high would they go? Like you could give them a cap of level uhh 70, and with the highest being around 40 or so, it increases by 10 levels each time you rematch, so then effectively it could be another way to earn exp other than just Audino grinding. :3 Maybe limit to one rematch a week thoughhh.
I'd like that, and the highest the Elite went to was 77 (that being Alder) so the Gym Leaders still remain lower leveled which is a good thing! Though I really want rematches to not have any sort of time limit. You rematch as you please, but you still have to go in the order from the first gym to the eighth before you go back to the first gym to have another rematch.

I really want to see gym rematches take place though, like please. :( I really wanna battle Homika more than once haha.

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