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    The world isn’t as it used to be. Peace is a thing of the past… fear reigns in the hearts of everyone. It all started when a brave youth stood up to an army of dangerous ‘pokemon liberators’ known as Team Plasma. In a final showdown, the heroes of Truth and Ideals squared off… and Ideals won.

    The hero of Ideals, Champion of Unova, N, stood atop his mighty castle and declared that all should release their pokémon, for they wished to be free. And so it was outlawed to possess a pokémon, fierce competitive battles relegated to illegal street fights. Pokémon were kidnapped by Team Plasma, brought to their Lord N, who made daily appearances from the balcony of the castle with his pokémon to remind everyone of the punishment that was to follow for any who dared keep their pokémon in slavery. He declared all laws and vetoed old ones, and it soon became that this was to be the most dreaded part of any day. It was broadcasted over TV across all TV stations, thanks to Team Plasma’s tech personnel.

    Until one day, months later, when it all got even worse.

    It was the middle of Lord N’s daily broadcast. He stood with Zekrom by his side, forever allies.
    “…And that is all I have to say for today. Everyone, return to your lives. Today’s broadcast is over.”

    “Now wait just one second!” Another voice rang out. Its owner quickly strode onto the scene. A tall figure clad in castle-like robes, with long green hair and an electronic device fitted over one eye.

    “Attention, region of Unova!” The figure said. “I am Ghetsis, one of Team Plasma’s seven sages. And as of today, I am your new leader!”

    He withdrew an arm from his robes. In his hand was an object many had forgotten over the past few months. A pokéball.

    “Guards!” Ghetsis said. “Restrain N!”

    “Y-you can’t do this!” Said N, struggling against the Team Plasma grunts he had until now been leading. “Zekrom, annihilate this man!”

    Ghetsis had other plans. He threw his pokéball, and from within exploded a dark beast; A dragon with 3 heads.

    “Hydreigon,” Ghetsis said smugly. “Kill his pokémon. Oh, and N? I can do this. I’ve been planning it since before you could even walk.”
    In a single day N’s reign of simple pokémon freedom was shattered - and in its place rose a freakish dystopia. A world of havoc, wherein anyone you did anything against Ghetsis’s will was punishable by slavery or death. And everything was against Ghetsis’s will.

    Construction on the desert road was halted. The lighthouse in Driftveil torn was down. The Mistralton airports were closed. Anything that could even slightly compromise Ghetsis’s rule was destroyed. The gym leaders and Elite 4 were imprisoned deep within Team Plasma’s castle.

    But he forgot one place.

    The Battle Subway - home to the last stragglers of society, human and pokémon. The only place in the entire region Team Plasma cannot reach. But their numbers are low, not enough for rebellion. With the rest of Unova enslaved or murdered, and thousands of Team Plasma members, numbers growing, there is no way to survive.

    Alas, they are not the only ones planning rebellion. What few wild pokémon that remain are…changing. They are getting stronger. Overwhelmingly powerful – and vicious. They operate only on instinct, and they have only one aim: Bloodshed. And the worst part?

    If a pokémon somehow survives the brutal strength of these beasts, all it takes is one scratch. One scratch - and they turn.

    The wild pokémon’s numbers are growing. Countless dead, Team Plasma’s pokémon turned…

    Unova is at war.

    And society is caught in the crossfire.

    Your Role

    Team Plasma
    You are a Team Plasma recruit. Your mission is to neutralize the Wild threat and stamp out any resistance among the People of the Ghetsis Republic. You are armed with a team of trained pokémon who may or may not agree with you. OR you could be one of these pokémon, just doing your job. Resentment and hatred abound among pokémon, and it will not surprise you to find some Pokémon within Plasma planning rebellion. There are multiple jobs for humans within Plasma:

    Grunt: Your basic footsoldier. Thousands of these are employed, and as of Ghetsis’s rule, all are now armed with highly dangerous pokémon.

    Espionage: A Plasma spy that hides among society, reporting back to higher ups. Armed with only one or two pokémon, so as not to arouse suspicion.

    Admin: An elite member who oversees operations. Spies report back to them, and both spies and grunts take orders from them.

    The Wild
    You are a wild Pokémon, whether a new ‘recruit’ who still holds on to their being or a high-level Wild with absolutely nothing left except rage and rudimentary pack hunting skills. Your mission is to destroy or corrupt everything not Wild, and reclaim the region. Leaving humans alive is utterly unacceptable. The transition of mental and physical state is slow, agonising and painful.

    You are last of humanity uncaptured by Plasma… or perhaps an uncorrupted pokémon not owned by them. Your mission is to survive - and try to bring an end to this long, bitter war. So far, the two opposing sides show no signs of stopping, so keeping out of their way would be good for a start.

    1- Be polite to other roleplayers.

    2- No godmodding or powerplaying (automatically assuming you dodge every enemy attack, beating the opponent without any drama, directly taking control of another’s character, etc.) . Minor bunnying is allowed only with permission.

    3- Be active! Remember, if you are inactive for more than a week at a time others can bunny you until you return. Admittedly, I am in a bit of a tight spot with school work, so by the time we begin I will choose at least 1 co-GM based on the quality of their signup.

    4- Have fun!

    5- Even though this is a pretty small selection of rules, I’m going to do this anyway. Put this phrase in your signup somewhere or you will not be accepted, full stop. The password is “yrotS evaC”.

    6- Please, be literate. I have no clue how many RP’s I’ve dismissed due to 1337speak, but I know it has been a fair few.



    Allegiance: (Plasma or survivor)

    Class: (Only applies to Team Plasma, obviously. Classes are Spy, Grunt and Admin. Admin spaces will be limited.)



    Appearance: (People can be very unique. Be descriptive here. 1-2 paragraphs.)

    Species: (Human or any non-legendary pokémon. Pseudo-legendaries are tricky business; I’ll handle them on a case by case basis)

    Personality: (1-2 paragraphs please)

    History: (2 or more paragraphs)

    RP Sample: (A nice big sample of your writing. Make it about your character if you can. Note: Not strictly necessary but will boost your chances of getting in)

    Notes: (Anything else)

    Humans also have mini-signups for their pokémon if they have any.

    Trainer Pokémon:


    Personality: (I’m a bit more lax with trainer pokémon’s personalities, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comprehensive!)

    History: (Just basic stuff like how they became involved with Plasma/their current trainer)



    Allegiance: (Wild or Survivor)


    Age: (Human years)

    Species: (Any non-legendary pokémon. Pseudo-legendaries are fair game for Wilds, but will be handled with care for Plasma pokémon and are right out for Survivors.)

    Appearance: (Not strictly necessary but remember that

    Personality: (1-2 paragraphs please, note that you may have to do a “before” and an “after” if your pokémon is Wild.)

    History: (2 or more paragraphs)


    RP Sample: (A nice big sample of your writing. Make it about your character if you can. Note: Not strictly necessary but will boost your chances of getting in)

    Notes: (Anything else)


    True Epicness as Turnip
    Strikit as Mara Henning

    Aaannd unless I’ve forgotten anything, that’s it! Oh yeah, as the GM, I’ll also control Ghetsis and any legendaries we encounter along the way. So will the other GM, when they're chosen.
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