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( What follows here is the soon-to-be-famous OSCARPOST, that me and Kid worked on together for a couple of days. It's their entire battle in one, MASSIVE post, and you should only read this if you're either me, Kid, or Megaman, or if you're really interested in reading a wall of text XD If not, apologies for spamming! )

Daniel chuckled a little at Mark’s half-joke, smiling cheerfully as he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, from seeing your Pokémon in action, I don’t think there’s much doubt about who would win. You’re a pretty awesome trainer, you know!” he said, just before hearing someone call out behind them. He turned and saw Oscar running towards them.

“Oh, hey Oscar! Don’t worry, I only just got here as well. I’m ready when you are.”
As Oscar went towards his side of the field, Alexis let out a faint giggle at Len’s compliment, her cheeks emitting a faint spark of electricity as she smiled back to him, ears giving a little twitch. “Awh, thank you Len. You look pretty good yourself!” She paused to lift a paw and wave at Flora, opening her mouth to continue talking to Len, until she realized that Oscar and Flora was heading for one side of the field and Daniel was about ready to head to another. She turned to Len and smiled apologeticly. “Sorry, I’ve gotta go, Daniel needs me. Cheer for me!”

Daniel gave Mark’s shoulder a pat, smiling somewhat nervously, yet still in a rather excited manner. “Wish me luck! And remember to keep a close eye, I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve.” He added with a wry little smile before turning, half-running towards his end of the field, Alexis giving a quick wave to the others before scurrying along on all four, until they both reached their destination and turned to face Oscar in the other end of the field.

He smiled widely with excitement, adrenaline starting to pump as he stood across the battlefield from Oscar. The field wasn't all that big, but it was enough to invoke some kind of sense of greatness. He looked down to Alexis and gave her a firm nod. "Alright Alex', let's do this!"
"Chu!" Alexis responded, nodding back up at him before moving into the battlefield itself, readying herself on all four while staring over at Flora, smiling challengingly. She had always been a very soft-hearted Pokémon... but as soon as the heat of battle took over, her friendships became adversaries more than anything, and she wouldn't let anyone win, other than if they were simply better than her.

"Alex', let's start this off with a bang! Thunderbolt!" Daniel exclaimed.
"Rai!" Alexis' cheeks lit up with electricity, her tail shivering in the air behind her, arcs of electricity moving between the tip of it and her body before she suddenly let out a massive bolt of lightning, it coming crashing towards Flora with neck-breaking speed, Alexis' entire body enveloped in electricity, her fur on end.

Oscar gave off a big smile to his opponent as a friendly gesture. In reality, he was quite nervous as Daniel after all was a Suicune student, as evident by the blue dorm jacket. He would surely have some tricks up his sleeve. But Oscar would still give it his best shot, even if it sounded a bit cheesy. He looked down at his Pokéballs, trying to decide which Pokémon to use, before his gaze went over to Flora. ''Flora, you're up. Let's show them what we've got!''

The Oddish made a surprised face and glanced up at her trainer before walking out on the battlefield, a bit hesitantly. No denying it, she was scared. But if Oscar was confident in her, then she would do her best. She went over and took her place on the battlefield, a somewhat confident smile on her face. Both Oscar and Flora carefully observed their opponents as they waited for the first move.

And suddenly the match had started, with Alexis firing off a powerful Thunderbolt. The attack flew forward with great speed, giving the Oddish almost no time to react. She took the attack and the electricity cracked around her for a few moments before wearing off. Flora shook herself a few times to focus on the battle again and looked up at the Raichu before starting to run towards her.
''Alright Flora, Sweet Scent!'' Flora continued to close the distance between her and Alexis and when she got close enough, she spun around in circles, sending out waves of pink powder around her at a decent speed. Oscar watched as the powder made its way towards Alexis, hoping for a hit.

Sweet Scent? Daniel wasn't sure what that did, but he would soon find out, he supposed. Alexis kept her distance as Flora neared, her eyes narrowed somewhat, expecting the worst. A moment later, a pink dust was washing over her, the calming scent of flowery goodness entering her nostrils. She shivered for a moment before letting out an involountary sigh, seemingly relaxing a little more.

"Alexis, don't drop your guard! Get on in an get her with a Tail Whip!" Flora had moved closer to Alexis, just as Daniel had hoped she would. Alexis shook her head a little to clear it and moved in closer with a quick leap forward, the sharp lightning bolt at the end of her tail swiping down towards Flora, deliberately not hitting her, but only swiping near her, trying to taunt her to attack and drop her guard. "Come on, Flora, you aren't scared of attacking, are you~?" she commented smugly, though there was a playful tone to her voice, ensuring Flora would know this was not meant as an insult of any kind.

Oscar made a small smile as the Sweet Scent apparently did its job. But the smile quickly disappeared as Daniel used the opportunity of close combat to get off a Tail Whip. But at the same time, he was a bit confused by this course of action, as a Defence drop didn't help electric attacks. But none the less, he kept his attention on Alexis as she moved forward.

Flora took a few steps forward when Alexis suddenly ran towards her. She closed her eyes when said Raichu jumped up in the air, preparing for an attack, but opened her eyes after a few moments when nothing stuck her. But as soon as she looked up, Alexis's tail was inches from hitting her, causing the grass Pokémon to stagger back a bit, looking very surprised. She blinked a few moments before taking a stance and giving Alexis a small smirk. She was beginning to feel more confident. ''Well, if it's an attack you want...''

''Flora, time for some damage! Razor Leaf!'' ''...then ready yourself!'' Flora finished before shaking her leaves around, releasing a wave of small, razor-sharp leaves flying towards Alexis. At this close range it was bound to dish out some good damage.
Daniel smiled at the somewhat confused look on Oscar's face at his choice of move. It was always nice doing something unexpected, but having a plan all the while. It was great feeling the rush of battle again after so long without it. He was starting to get really excited, even as Flora was about to attack Alexis.

Alexis, still feeling rather woozey from the Sweet Scent, didn't manage to get out of the way of the leaves in time, wincing as they sliced past her, giving her a few nasty cuts, though nothing to speak of. She shook it off and let out a huff, smirking challenging. Looked like Flora was getting into the mood of it too, now.

"Alright Alex', let's try our luck with a... Double Team!" grinning widely, Daniel saw his plan slowly coming around, dearly hoping that Oscar didn't have any kind of move up his sleeve that would mess it up.
Alexis rose up on her hind legs, pushing her arms out to the sides to take on a fighting stance, tensing her body for a moment before seemingly splitting up into ten different Alexis... ees at once, sorrounding Flora in a half-circle, towering over the much smaller Pokémon, though without saying anything this time.

Oscar watched as the Razor Leaf dealt out some damage. He looked up at Daniel with a smile but that changed into a confused expression once again when he saw that Daniel also was smiling. That could not be good...he was planning something...but what? His thoughts were answered when Flora suddenly was surrounded by multiple copies of Alexis, all of them looking exactly the same. Oscar eyes shot open in realisation. Double Team...not good, not good at all.

Flora looked equally confused, if not more, and turned in every direction possible when the copies surrounded her. She quickly gathered her composure and turned around in a half-circle slowly so she could keep an eye on every one of the copies. One could clearly see that she was quickly becoming nervous.
''...Flora, try using Sleep Powder!'' Flora gained a small, confident smile at this, and made a small dance where she stood. While she was doing this, a light blue powder was realised from the leaves on her head, and the powder slowly flew towards all the electic Pokémon. Flora and Oscar both watched and hoped the powder would hit, or at least take out some of the copies.

Daniel clenched his fists in frustration. He had feared that Flora had had an attack like this stored up and raring to go. Now there was nothing left but to hope that it wouldn't hit Alexis before she could pull off the final stage in their plan.
Alexis stood completely still, with her look-alikes on either side of her, unflinching with the wry smirk on her lips, even as the blue powder was strown across a couple of the copies, but thankfully not Alexis, the powder going right through them and onto the ground.

Daniel couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh of relief, a wide grin on his face. Now was the last stage in his plan! At least, for now. "Alright, let's do this Alexis! Hit her with a Brick Break!"
"Chhhu!" "Alright! Look out Flora, here I come!" Alexis exclaimed as she suddenly lept out of the row of 'clones', lifting her right arm behind her, dashing in from the side before bringing the paw straight down towards the side of Flora's face in a devastating punch.

Oscar put on a disappointed face when the Sleep Powder simply missed the true Alexis and instead, went though some of the copies. This battle was quickly going downhill for him. The situation got worse when Daniel made his move; a devastating Brick Break attack. There was no chance that Flora would be able to dodge in time.

Flora frowned when her attack missed its target. Well, so much for that plan. She carefully observed the remaining Pokémon around her when suddenly Alexis called out. Flora only had a moment to blink before she was hit by the punch, making her go airborne for a few moments. After a slow flip in the air, she hit the ground hard.
''Nice one, Alexis.'' Flora commented while slowly standing up. The attacks were starting to wear her down and she was rather tired at this point. But she wasn't gonna go down just yet. ''Flora, respond with Acid!''

''But now it's my turn!'' She took a stance and stood still for a moment or two before firing a bunch of small, violet, nasty-looking balls of acid at the spot where Alexis and the 'clones' were standing, from her mouth. She didn't like to use the move too much but it still was a good move, and hopefully, this one wouldn't miss.
"Oh crap." Daniel mouthed at hearing the next command of Oscar's, the smugness of his, actually rather successful, plan succeeding, quickly fading again. "Alexis, try to dodge it! Jump back!"

"Let's see what you can do, then!" Alexis called out with a smile. She was greatly enjoying fighting one of her friends. It had always been alot of fun measuring up against people, but even more so against her friends, and Flora was no exception. It was a challenging battle, and Flora was rather tough, for an Oddish.
As the bubbles of purple flew towards her, Alexis tried to move backwards and away from them, but the effects of the Sweet Scent had her moving more sluggishly than before, and she wasn't able to get away in time. She winced in pain as they collided with her, popping and sending painful shivers up her spine. "Nngh...!"

Daniel looked at the battle with his heart in his throat. He might actually be winning, despite not having a type advantage. He went over the scene in front of him for a moment, determining that Flora couldn't stay standing for much longer. One powerful attack and it should be good. "Good job Alex', now let's see if she can handle your specialty! Thunderbolt!"
Alexis staggered for a moment, but shook her head, taking a deep breath, her fur slightly scruffy by now from the fighting, dodging and attacking. She hunched her back somewhat, the tail whipping up into the air above her as electric arcs began running up and down her body once again, eventually sending off a massive bolt of lightning towards the poor Oddish standing a few feet away. "Rrrraaaaaai!!"

As the Acid attack was succesful, Oscar's frown slowly turned into an excited smile. A small plan was starting to form in his mind. It was time for their comeback. But they would have to do it fast, as he noticed how Flora wasn't looking too great at the moment. But his hopes were shattered when he heard Daniel's next command. ''Flora, look out!''
Flora gained a confident smile when her attack proved to be successful. She was enjoying the battle quite a lot, even though she was normally frightened of battling. But still, this was really exciting! And Alexis was putting on a very good fight. But her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed Alexis beginning to charge up for another attack and the warning to look out from her trainer.

But Oscar's warning was to no avail. The massive bolt of lightning was heading with incredible speed towards the grass Pokémon and when it connected, she was enveloped by the powerful electricity with a painful cry. Even though she was resistant to electric attacks, this one packed quite a punch. When it wore off, she staggered around for a few moments before staring down at the ground, painting heavily. Oscar knew that she would go down any second now.

''Flora, quickly! Use Synthesis!'' Flora slowly raised her head and locked eye contact with Alexis, a small smirk starting to form on her face. The battle was not over quite yet. Closing her eyes, the leaves on her head started to glow white while her body glowed a bright yellow. But the glowing wore off almost instantly, and was replaced with small lightning bolts cracking around her, rendering her unable to move.

“Nicely done, Alex’! Be careful, she’s not down just yet!” Daniel called out, smiling to himself, looking rather impressed. Flora was just an Oddish, but she was taking a beating from a fully evolved Pokémon! Oscar must be a really amazing trainer. Alex’ was starting to breathe a little heavily, but it wasn’t hard to see where the battle was tipping to.
Daniel widened his eyes a little as he heard Oscar’s command, clenching his jaw. This could very well lengthen the fight for a lot longer, if- … if not for the fact that Flora was paralyzed. Daniel smiled a victorious smile, letting out a breath of relief. Flora was actually a rather dangerous opponent, now that he thought about it.

Alexis breathed heavily in an out after having shot the bolt of electricity at Flora, smirking in return. This was an amazing fight, and it was long since she had enjoyed herself so much. Flora was a great fighter, but Alex’ wasn’t ready to just lie down and let her win. She was going to show Flora, Oscar and even Daniel, exactly how strong she was.
“Alex’, let’s end this with a Brick Break while she’s still paralyzed!”
“Rai!” she called out as a response, taking a moment to look at Flora slightly apologeticly, even if it only lasted for a second, before she got onto all four and dashed forwards, finally leaping up, pulling her right arm far back, and finally hammering her paw straight down towards the poor little Oddish.

''…'' Oscar had just started to get his hopes up when Synthesis was starting to take effect. But when he saw the electricity around Flora and that she stopped moving, his eyes went wide open with a blank look. It took a few moments for his brain to process what had just happened. Paralyzed...he couldn’t believe it. Slowly blinking, Oscar realized that Flora would go down with the Brick Break Alexis was about to deal out.

The Oddish herself was still paralyzed and so, she had absolutely no chance of avoiding the attack at all. She could only watch as the Raichu closed the distance between the two Pokémon, before getting hit by the Brick Break, sending her crashing down to the ground. She laid down at the ground for a few seconds before getting picked up by her trainer carefully, who held her in his arms.

''You put up a great fight. I'm proud of you.'' Oscar said, smiling softly. Flora managed to respond with a weak smile before seemingly fainting. He promptly took out a regular Pokéball and returned the Oddish. Still holding the Pokéball in his hand, he looked down at Alexis and gave the Raichu a bright smile before looking up at Daniel. Even though he had lost, he couldn't do anything else but admit that it had been an awesome battle. Sure, he had lost, but he wasn't a sore loser.
''Hey Daniel, great battle! You and Alexis really are an amazing team.'' He complimented while jogging over to Daniel with an excited smile. ''Hopefully, it was good training for Flora. She seemed to enjoy it too. But I'll have to go heal her up at the Pokémon Center.'' He continued, glancing down at the Pokéball. ''Are you gonna heal up Alexis too?''

Daniel, having been temporarily lost in a rush of victory, his arms pumped up into the sky as he let out a relieved "Whoo!". A moment later, he realized that this might've been just a tad respectless and quickly lowered his arms, coughing, his cheeks darkening. He was afraid Oscar would be pissed at him for being such a bad winner.
Thankfully, as the boy came over to him, closely followed by Alexis, who was panting somewhat, a few cuts here and there due to the razor leaf attack earlier, Oscar was smiling. Daniel smiled in return and nodded eagerly. "Thanks! So are you and Flora... she really is an amazing Oddish. It was a tough battle, that's for sure!"

He nodded quickly as he looked down to Alexis, having suspected she would get at least a little beat up by her fight. "Yeah, it's probably best, since Mark and I are heading up in the mountains." He glanced towards Mark with a smile, waving him over. "Hey, Mark! I'm gonna go to the center and have Alex' healed up! Wanna come with? Otherwise, I'll be back in five minutes!"
Daniel turned back to Oscar, smiling brightly as he offered a hand to him. He might've come off as a bad winner, but he might as well give him the respect he deserved. "Great fight. Hope we can do it again sometime!"

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