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    @Loki: It's actually, uh, just Helvan (as in the Helvan Empire). Also, you have one extra point you can allocate for specialization, so feel free to put it anywhere. With that said, however ... preliminary acceptance has been indicated.

    @parallelzero: Apply sapience by increasing your Wisdom by 2 points (since intermediate is equivalent to 2 ranks). One small problem with your background though - while there are nearly secular petitioners (users of miracles) - most of them receive at least a little bit of training from the church, since the source of miracles is, after all, divine. Preliminary acceptance has also been indicated.

    @MattyJ: Don't worry about newness; strength of writing, as I have said, dictates acceptance. As for the roleplay sample - a sample of writing in general is also fine.

    NOTE HIGHLIGHTING MY STUPIDITY: (added to main post)
    I left armor mastery out of the list of specializations, apparently (I'm a genius, I know :s). I suppose there's no reason to add it in, either, since it's more of a "whether one is proficient with armor to wear it comfortably" thing and I don't want to make physical specializations weaker. Everyone has the option of being initially proficient with armor. Armor will, however, interfere with the usage of arcana and miracles - mindcraft is not affected, since it does not involve freedom of movement. Moreover, if you have a low Strength score it is more difficult for you to wear armor, and if you have a low Constitution score you might get tired more quickly in heavy armor. (Apply liberal amounts of RP rule #1 - common sense.)

    As for Endurance - intermediate specialization now grants minor blunt weapon mastery or minor edged weapon mastery.


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