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Been a while since I have done teams, but here is one that I am currently working to obtain in the game. All Pokemon and movesets are planned out. I don't want to get rid of Pokemon for team purposes but advice in other areas are fine.

-Sleep Talk
-Aqua Tail
-Fly (for going around proposes)
-Dragon Pulse
(Shadow Claw?)

(why the moves? Because I'm entering Giratina and the others in a contest. and she needs these moves to win)

-Shadow Ball
-Shock Wave
-Sleep Talk

-Seed Bomb
-Swords dance
-Natural Gift

-Energy Ball
-Sleep Talk

-Night Slash
-Areial Ace
Shadow Claw

-Psycho cut
-Brick Break
-Water Pulse
-Faint Attack

Also needs cuteness contest tips as well.