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YAY people! Welcome guys :D

Ironically it's taken me so long to reply because I've been busy with extra hours at work lol - there has been some crazy **** going on there recently thanks to the corporate offices; it's just so stupid and it needs to be made public just how stupid it is.

The liquor store chain I work for, Liquorland, is part of Coles - a larger supermarket chain that also owns Target and K Mart in Australia. We have this loyalty reward scheme called Flybuys where you scan your Flybuys card at the check out (this is for the benefit of the non-Australians) and earn points which you can exchange for Coles Group gift cards and other stuff. Anyway the whole Flybuys thing is getting a huge overhaul; they're making it better and way more worthwhile for the customers, they've got Dawn French doing TV ads for it, it's a whole big thing. Which is fantastic except that they of course have to make it a nightmare for the staff. They've given us these horrible light blue shirts with "flybuys" written on them to wear instead of our nice red ones and we have to put out an endless stack of promotional crap around the stores to promote it.

But here is the real kicker: the new scheme has this "My5" system where you go online and tell Coles the five products you buy the most and then whenever you scan your card you get 10% off those particular items. Which again is fantastic except that their way to promote it is that at 12 noon today we had to stop what we were doing and go around high-fiving people. They want us to go and high five each other and the customers in the store and make this huge goddamn scene out of nowhere... I have no idea what they're trying to accomplish but they're frikkin' insane.

And to prove that we did it, we had to take photos on our phones and e-mail them to head office. The staff members just basically staged a couple of photo shots with each other and the rest can bugger off but can you imagine the goddamn mayhem that would have caused in the supermarkets? Holy frikkin crap.

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