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    Oscar smiled and scratched the back of his head at the compliment Daniel had responded with. He wasn't one to brag about his Pokémon but that didn't mean that a compliment was unappreciated. As Daniel waved at Mark, Oscar did the same, but looked back at Daniel when he offered a hand to him. He glanced up at Daniel, then back at the hand before blinking a few times, realizing what he was supposed to do.

    ''Yeah, it was a great battle. Looking forward to our next one!'' He grinned widely and gave Daniel a somewhat firm handshake. That was a first for him. He wasn't used to shaking hands with his opponent after a battle, but he gladly did so. Turning to Mark, he kept his grin and spoke up.

    ''So Mark, what did you think of the battle?'' While waiting for a response, Oscar took a few steps towards the Pokémon Center before glancing back at the two. If they followed him, he would continue forward but if they for some reason didn't, he would turn to the two and wait for them.

    Suddenly, one of Oscar's Pokéballs released a bright light in front of the other Pokémon, reviling Meden the Meditite. Oscar looked at him with an odd look before shrugging it off. Meden had heard the battle while being in the Pokéball. He looked at all the Pokémon with a mildly confused expression. ''What did I miss?''

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