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Here is a good story for you guys.

I was working, obviously, in House of Fraser and a woman came up to me who I sold a pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago; she didn't remember me which was amusing. Anyway, she came up to me and said she had been sold the wrong pair of jeans, that they were last seasons style and she paid full price for them. I remember serving her, because she was a dick, so I checked the receipt and the jeans. The jeans were the right season, the receipt was for those jeans, but she bought them 6 weeks ago and our return policy was 4 weeks.

SO, she started kicking off, saying they are wrong. I showed her the same jeans that were out on the rack, showing it was this seasons, she still didn't believe me. I then said as a part of our uniform, we have to wear the current seasons clothes; I was wearing the exact same jeans. She called me a liar, which I laughed at and just called over my manager. Explained what happened and what she said, manager turned around saying:

"I remember Will serving you last week and you said you weren't sure if they were the right size. So you can try all you want, but it is your own fault you missed the return date."

Was so hard not to laugh. She stormed off after that. Hahahahaha. MORON.