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And am I the only one who wants to see another character named Walker, this one employed as a Texas Ranger, to take Lona to school, so to speak?
Oh gosh. xP I didn't even make that connection. Don't worry, the second day of training won't be nearly as bad as the first. I didn't plan for Henry to have Lona as a referee in this next chapter, but a Henry-Lona scene is something that I'd love to see play out. So I might do something in the future chapters, depending on how the rest of the plot goes.

Beware flocks of really ticked off bird Pokemon xD But now comes the million dollar question... should I have Lisa catch a Chatot and teach it 80's songs? I think it would be interesting if she still journeyed, but now that she's doing special agent stuff, I don't think a singing Chatot would fit in well during car chases xD
Stilll... I think it would be a pretty funny picture to see Lisa speeding in the front seat of a Buick with a Chatot turned around on her shoulder, shouting verbal abuse at the pursuers. :P

Route 209 and Solaceon here are interesting because my mystery contest fic has that car chase scene that goes right through that general area. Biggest change would be that there is a paved road through 209 in mine, and I don't think my Solaceon is that big... it was just a place that was passed by... by criminals and a whole crew of cops doing close to 100, lol
Solaceon was never my favorite town in the games, but in the story I decided to give it some extra flair. Strangely, with Lona and her Gym around, I hate it less than I did before. Try to imagine that.

Move Tutors definitely have importance in this day and age, and you'll see how that whole thing works in the next chapter. It's in the works, but progress might be hindered by final exam week. The good news is that once classes end, I'll have a lot more free time to write.

Thanks for stopping by, LeSabre!
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