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Viticari Nym

About 700, although physically takes on the form of an older teenager.


Viticari was once a man of great optimism and happiness, but due to his history, grew very distant and emotionally unstable. He’s a bit like an abused dog.
Saying Viticari is skeptical and unenthusiastic is like saying a fish kind of likes water. Viticari is a very haunted man, his thoughts usually wrapping him in a fit of general pessimism and latent sadness. The years have made him very harsh, bitter, and critical of the world and its people. He is very sarcastic when he wants to be, and he just wants to be left alone. He’s not independent per se, but he’s not particularly a follower either, but kind of just goes along with whatever the wind pushes towards. He has no real sense of morality anymore, and just does things if he feels like it or he can’t see a downside to. He usually just follows orders he is given so he can save himself the trouble of conflict.
Although he seems indifferent some of the time, it’s just because he’s usually only feeling one emotion: given up. In truth, he’s very moody. His mood changes on a whim and he can be varying degrees of socially difficult at any given moment. He is set off by many an emotional stimulus, but a lot of his feelings are internal and he doesn’t want to nor know how to express them. So they bubble up, and cause him to be very passive-aggressive. This causes others to be easily confused and give up on him, or just not talk with him. However, it has been shown he is more receptive to those who treat him with kindness.
Viticari has shown to be highly intelligent. He is quick to correct someone and explains himself easily. He learns with ease and never forgets things, making him an asset when it comes to acquiring and remembering information. He is cunning and clever and can easily make plans in seconds, or points out flaws in others. He reads people well, and knows how they function. He did govern souls and was in charge of understanding them for a good portion of his life, after all.
In battle, he’s very self-defensive. If he is traveling by himself, he will never initiate an attack, but quickly wrap things up if the monster or person persists. In groups, he’s very much a supporter role; making sure that those along with him are well, so that he himself doesn’t have to take up an offensive role. But whatever position benefits the group most he will be alright to take.

Viticari, as stated in his age, resembles a young man of perhaps eighteen, nineteen, or maybe twenty years at most. He looks to be the pinnacle of health and fertility; and as such his body is lean and does seem to have a good muscle tone to it. But in truth, it’s all very aesthetic; even if he has physical potential, he doesn’t know how to use it nor desires to. His body is also harry and his skin is a light shade of brown; making him racially ambiguous, he could pass for either a Caucasian man with a deep tan or a Hispanic man with light features. Height wise, he’s not all that spectacular, but is decently above average; perhaps 5”10.
His face is shaped sharply, his jaw and protruded nose being a very defining feature. Although he manages to soften his basic form with a thick, shaggy mop of jet black hair and a beard of this fashion: Link. His eyes a bold shade of viridian with speckles of darker viridian in them.
His body is very mysteriously crafted, although it is physical and can wear clothing; he lacks the sensation of touch and subtle basic elements that are required to fully be human. He is more sensitive to the elements and temperature. Viticari carries himself humorless but relaxed, his posture isn’t perfect but it’s far from being horrible. He tends to be more comfortable with his arms swinging close by his sides, and always holds his hands together and puts one leg on top of the other when sitting.

His current incarnation is indeed, in a sense, ageless. His appearance is not a matter of age, but health. The reason he takes the appearance he does is because it's to represent a man at his peak of health and activity, Age is a matter of association to the examiner of his body. When his health is low, his form changes to represent his poor health, and yes, it is possible for him to die. His form now may be immortal in a sense that if unaffected, he will live forever and retain his appearance, however, the similarity and formulaic structure of his body does entail death if he is attacked. That's why is he is attacked, he must fight back.

Clothing wise, he enjoys wearing his red robes. A lovely shade of scarlet, Viticari never seems to take off these robes, which he also fastens to his body with two crossed black sash-like belts on his torso. On these belts are tiny pocket for carrying small items when necessary. The material on the robes is very strange, because although Viticari claims to be perfectly comfortable, it feels very scratchy like that of sandpaper. This kind of material annoys people that touch him, making it undesirable to give physical affection to him. The robes reach to the ground and don’t allow his feet to be seen; and the sleeves are very large and baggy, having his fingers the only part of his hands to show if he dangles his arms perfectly straight. He has a large hood as well that he wears a lot of the time unless it’s very hot.
When Viticari decreases in health, his appearance gradually and radically shifts. His skin becomes a sickly kind of tan and he develops wrinkles, his apparent muscle tone diminishes and he instead becomes bony, he develops bags under his eyes which they themselves grow larger and become bloodshot, he develops a bit of a hunch, and he also begins to shake as if his bones are brittle.

Although most would guess he’s just some mysterious mage-like figure with no real substantial back story for the possible eerie first impression he gives, Viticari does have a background no one would expect.
A bit over seven hundred years ago, Viticari was once one of the Ultia Sprites, a small group of gods and goddesses who ruled over benevolently those who believed in them. He was born from his mother, the grand goddess Ultia, as the youngest of the sprites. He was the sprite of rebirth, who governed souls and made them reincarnate into a living form they desired.
The religion they were celebrated from was one of strict pacifism and love, one of which “love thy neighbor” was a large principle. It was fairly large number of followers in the tribe it was founded in and celebrated in, the Nym tribe, until a war forgotten by most of today’s people had erupted when Viticari was still very young. Helpless and with no real mentality to guide their people to fight back, many of those who believed in them were easy targets and died, and those who remained living refused to believe they existed anymore because they didn’t “stop this from happening.” Even the souls they had received drifted away from their hold because they criticized the sprites’ action.
With no one believing in them anymore, the sprites began to wither and die. Viticari, being the youngest, was the slowest in his death, having to witness his mother and siblings die as they struggled to find a way to save themselves and gain the support of the people. None of them could do anything about their deaths, not even Viticari, because their souls could not be brought back. When his last sibling died and all their attempts at revival failed, Viticari used whatever power he could muster and made himself be reborn into a different kind of being. This being he made himself to be was only partially mortal, so that it would be substantial enough to exist on the realm of mortals, but also not be tied to said world or be stuck with its mortality. However, he lost his past powers of being able to reincarnate souls.
His body was fairly unstable in this state; it was like that of mist or smoke, but Viticari found a way to train this weakness into a skill using the mortals’ magic. He has used it to become weightless and very swift, and many of his abilities and powers are based upon smoke-like sublimation attacks. His powers very much focus on confusing and tiring the enemy rather than big blows.
After his rebirth, he found himself drifting through city to city, just training his talents and doing odd jobs to get money and survive off what he needed. He lived a life like that of a phantom; silently observing the people who not only seem to constantly be born and grow up, but constantly wither and die. He never really fit in anywhere, and many thought of him as just wandering poor when they glanced him. For this, he was treated as many of the poor were- that is, poorly. Years passed by him with little activity; and the more years passed by, the more they darkened his eyes from the optimism he once had. His past life and glory would never be restored. His family was dead. He was a soul pretending to be mortal. He was alone. He was like this this for many a century, more specifically, since he had to rebirth himself, so a bit over six hundred years.
When the monarchy began a draft (well, this time’s version of a draft) for the Helvan-Perinthian war, a group of recruiters looking for men were ordered to take the poor off the streets and put them to work in the forces. Being mistaken for poor, Viticari was sent to battle. He was unenthusiastic and wasn’t really that keen on following orders, but his abilities in magic made the forces hold onto him. They taught him always to defend himself, and when they sent him into battle, he only really reacted when someone attacked him. He couldn’t care less, and seeing thousands dead and being unable to do anything about their souls bothered him greatly.
After the war’s end, his superiors didn’t find much use for him anymore, and since he was a “poor,” it was better to keep using him for small jobs until he died or something. They assigned him to work and linger around an area near the recently fallen capital of Tyrovion to monitor bandit activity. There he made an acquaintanceship with a barkeep in a small, run down bar and inn for travelers and sailors. Feeling sorry for Viticari, the barkeep, Mulioin, opened one of his rooms and his place of business as a sort of home for Viticari. Liking having a place to sleep at night, Viticari stayed. His has been going on for the last month or so.

First Choice / Ciefe, Reticent Shadow
Second Choice / Arianne, Exhaulted Muse

(Whatever's free but these two would probably work best.)

Strength - 8
Dexterity - 15
Constitution - 12
Intelligence - 16
Wisdom - 14
Charisma - 12

Major Arcana (3) [Bonus; Minor Brilliance], Minor Swiftness (1)
Primary Magic: Illusion
Secondary Magic: Conjuration, Evocation

Tertiary Magic: Abjuration, Transmutation

As stated in his Background, Viticari's attacks are very much based off the use of Arcana magic mixed in with the type of being he is, causing a lot to his attacks and powers to be sublimation-like in nature. Meaning, he uses the fact that his body is like smoke and air to his advantage.

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