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    @Loki: It's as rufflestiltskin says and as you say as well - Helvan is the genitive form of Helvenand. Think of it as the relationship between Rome and the Roman Empire (the Roman people and army and so on).

    @parallelzero: You increase to 18, since you're not actually investing any points - just increasing a statistic by a flat amount. Also, for stuff about the church of St. Elendra, take a look at the nation of Teucrion, the one and only theocracy for now; I'll write up some extra supplementary information if you give me a bit of time.

    @Kiyoshi the Polar Bear: Very interesting idea, though I would like to make one amendment - you have to be extraplanar. ... Which of course doesn't change anything that you need to change. I have a few questions, though... Is his current incarnation ageless? Is it possible for him to die? What facets of mortality does he possess now?

    ... Also you have too much Int, since you can't allocate more than 10 points into a single statistic (which increases to 16). :I


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