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Raike Destan: Human Contractee

-Raike blinked once, and went to follow Venius into the private room. He was delighted to see that there were couches on either side of the table. The room itself seemed to be the private dining room for a king of some kind. Raike sat down on the couch opposite of Venius, rolling his neck to relax a bit, but winced as a spark of pain erupted on the left side of his neck, close to his shoulder. He massaged the spot until the pain diminished and rolled his neck once more to test it, and seeming satisfied, he turned his attention to a certain demoness that was not in the vicinity.

Over their connection, Raike picked out a few details of the area around her, and concluded that she was still in his room, and for some reason it smelled like a wet dog that had spayed cherry blossom air freshener on it; not as appealing as it sounded. She could also see that she was talking to someone else in the room, not human so it was probably one of her "friends" talking... in my room... making it smell like cherry blossomed wet dog; great. The annoyance that reverberated across the connection showed clearly that she was being teased by that person.

Bringing myself back to the matter at hand, Venius sat across the table from me, his grin kind of annoyed me a bit, why the hell was he so smug?-

"Whatever you say pretty boy. So what exactly am I supposed to say in the interview? We both know my district hates my guts. But hey, maybe I can get the others to like me."

-The last part I said with sarcasm. I was hardly likable to anyone except the weird ones like Mammon. How was I supposed to get the other districts to like me? I mean maybe if my district saw me in some decent clothing they would let me explain myself a bit, which brought me to another question.

"Who's my stylist, and he or she, preferably she better not try putting me in some kind of fruity clothing."

-As inhuman as Raike may seem to some, he was still a guy.-
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